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Your quickest path to CRNA School.

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The path to becoming a CRNA is one filled with many questions, fears, and uncertainties.

You’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. 

CRNA School is competitive. Every program is different. Your path is unique. The amount of information and conflicting advice is overwhelming.

Even though you have a burning desire to pursue this dream, you feel unsure about your capability to handle all the aspects of education and the profession.

you may be thinking...

I do not have what it takes to become a CRNA. 

I am not smart enough to do this. 

My GPA is too low.

I am too old to go back to school now.

I can’t become a CRNA and start a family.

I can’t afford not to work so that I can become a CRNA.

I got into school but I am fearful of the responsibility that lies ahead of me.

You’re in the right place if you find yourself wondering, “How am I supposed to do all of this?

Finally, the guidance and mentorship you need to navigate the road ahead...

CRNA School Prep Academy has mentored over 1,000 aspiring CRNA’s, with many going on to be successful students in programs across the country!

Introducing CRNA School Prep Academy

A powerful community membership where you will find the answers you’re looking for, support through the wins and setbacks, and accredited guidance you need to tackle your dream of becoming a CRNA- all in one place.

Whether you are still in nursing school, working as an ICU Nurse, or accepted into your program, CRNA School Prep Academy will be the revolutionary resource that you need to help you navigate the challenges and prepare for your unique journey.

Your shortcut to CRNA School.

Save time and energy, and avoid frustration and burnout. Prevent taking the wrong steps, take the proper ones, minimize your weaknesses, and maximize your strengths.

CRNA School Prep Academy provides you with:

  • CRNA mentors with experience to provide direction, guidance, and clarity for all stages of your journey
  • A community that supports its students through the difficult times and celebrates your wins in the way that only a person on the same path can understand
  • All of the resources, tools, and information you need to prepare you for your applications, interviews, and success in school


I know first hand how challenging the road ahead can feel

CEO & Founder Jenny Finnell MSN, CRNA

As a CRNA of 7 years with a wide variety of experience including precepting current nurse anesthesia residents. I remember what it was like pursuing CRNA with what felt like little to no guidance. I had to address and overcome the same challenges and fears that you have been or will be facing. Time and time again, I hear stories about excellent candidates losing hope and giving up. Lack of guidance, misinformation, overwhelm, frustration, fear, and burnout are all too common among CRNA hopefuls. 

Over the past 3 years, I have been fortunate enough to combine my passion and expertise for anesthesia and my love of helping students into a comprehensive, ongoing supportive mentoring program. CRNA School Prep Academy is specifically designed with you and your journey in mind.

This academy was created to help aspiring students navigate the challenges around becoming highly qualified candidates. Inside the academy, you will gain clarity on planning your journey, the application process, the interview process, as well as an academic and clinical foundation for Nurse Anesthesia Residents.

CRNA School Prep Academy has mentored over 1,000 aspiring CRNA’s, with many going on to be successful students in programs across the country!

Expert Contributor Richard Wilson, DNAP, CRNA

Dr. Wilson has been a part of CRNA School Prep Academy since October 2020. He heard of CSPA from students in his income cohorts and decided to reach out and join our mission.  Dr. Wilson comes to our team with 15 years of clinical anesthesia experience in a Level I Trauma Center. Along with his clinical experience, he has been heavily involved in the daily classroom and clinical training of Nurse Anesthesia Residents for the last 12 years.
He has served as a clinical site coordinator, a Program faculty member, and on the interview and admissions committee for the last 12 years. He has experience in reviewing applications, interviewing applicants (both in-person and virtual), and guiding candidates on how to make their applications more competitive academically, clinically, and professionally. In his role as a Program Faculty member, Dr. Wilson has taught on a variety of topics in the classroom, clinical setting, and simulation.
Dr. Wilson was chosen to serve a 4-year commitment on the SEE (Self Evaluation Exam) Committee for the National Board for Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA). In this role, he served as an item writer for the nationally administered SEE giving him knowledge on how national exams are written, administered, and scored. Dr. Wilson has also served on several committees within his clinical facility and also the South Carolina Association of Nurse Anesthetists.
In addition, Dr. Wilson has contributed to anesthesia education as an author and contributor to chapters in several publications such as Nurse Anesthesia the primary textbook used by many CRNA programs.
Within CRNA School Prep Academy, Dr. Wilson acts as an expert contributor. With his background, he can provide guidance from a Program Faculty point of view.  His passion for helping students comes through in his work designing educational workshops, guided Q&A sessions, group mock interview coaching, community support in our forum and social wall. He also helps plan conferences, community outreach, and seeks out resources so we can achieve our mission within the community. 

Plus other CRNA Community guest contributors. Including faculty, CRNAs, and NARs. Because we know how important the role of the CRNA community is in mentoring our Future Generations of CRNAs.

CRNA School Prep Academy's content, that meets you where you are

Select a phase below to read more about how CRNA School Prep Academy is prepared to support you on your unique journey to CRNA

CRNA School Prep Academy Educational Workshops Now Offer Continuing Education Credits!

ELEVEN workshops total are available inside the academy. CE credits currently only available for Cardiac, Endocrine, Sedation | Opioid & ABG Workshops

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of ENDOCRINE Workshop (6)
Copy of Copy of Copy of ENDOCRINE Workshop (1)
Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of ENDOCRINE Workshop (2)
Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of ENDOCRINE Workshop (1)

This nursing continuing professional development activity was approved by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. 


"These lectures have been so helpful to me! This platform has made me feel like I am investing in my career as an RN and to be better for my patients, in addition to preparing for CRNA school. THANK YOU so much!"
ICU Nurse

What’s inside the membership?

We break up your journey into 3 phases

  • Planning phase
    • Uncover any roadblocks and how to tackle them
    • Learn key areas that you can start working on early on in your journey to give you a competitive edge
    • Understand the components of a CRNA application and how you plan to fulfill them
    • Understand how to pick your program so that you set goals on your target schools
  • Application | Interview Phase
    •  We teach you how to stand out as an applicant on paper so that you get that glorious interview invitation
    • We help you learn what you need to know about your school so that you meet all its unique requirements 
    • We prepare you to stand out from the crowd in your knowledge about this career path 
    • We share insider knowledge from a program faculty point of view on how you can make a good first impression
    • We prepare you to excel in your CRNA interview by providing you with the insight, tools, and knowledge you need to outperform your competition
    • We help you develop skills that will serve you as a student so that you will not just gain acceptance but you will enter your program ahead
  • SRNA Phase
    • A pre-anesthesia curriculum to build your foundation of knowledge that will help you excel as you start your CRNA journey
    • Connection to a community built to help you succeed
    • Guidance on how to be successful as you start your journey 

A members-only community of like-minded, success-driven individuals who will support you, answer your questions, and provide feedback.

The forum covers a wide variety of common questions such as interviews, DNP project ideas, GRE, CCRN, GPA, graduate courses, resumes, and essay tips. The forum is organized so that you can easily find answers to your questions!

We have an organized forum of all CRNA schools by state with information to allow you to easily research multiple schools all at once. We highlight key topics about the program such as attrition rate, interview styles, class size, clinical sites, and more. 

We have a team including Jenny Finnell, MSN, CRNA, CEO & Founder of CSPA, our team of expert contributors and CRNA Program Faculty, Richard Wilson, MNA, CRNA, and Dr. Dawn AuBuchon, DNAP, MS, CRNA, to answer your questions. 

Do not let the phrase “it was a competitive application cycle,” derail your progress.  Our community can provide you guidance and feedback so you can not only gain an interview but gain acceptance as well. 


Watch exclusive interviews with successful CRNAs and SRNAs who have valuable strategies and success stories to share with our members that put you ahead of the curve.

CSPA is the only CRNA mentoring program that provides you exclusive access to Experienced Program Faculty!

Richard Wilson MNA, CRNA has served as an Assistant Program Director for over 11 years. He heard about CRNA School Prep Academy through his incoming class and decided to reach out to get involved. He now works exclusively with CSPA to provide expert contributions to ensure the highest quality instruction to help you along your CRNA journey. 

Need financial advice? No Problem! Get access to quarterly webinars on how to pay for graduate school and how to pay back your student loans with a Q&A session with expert Natalie Kratzer ChFC®, CLF®, FIC with Thrivent Financial 

Need personal feedback from a qualified and experienced program faculty? Gain access to our one-on-one consultations and transcript reviews. All of these services are provided by actual program faculty who have experience providing feedback in these tricky areas.  Availability is limited, please plan accordingly. All one-on-one services are in addition to your membership fee.   

Lifetime access to all downloadable resources, checklists, resume templates, example essays,  lecture notes, interview questions, basic knowledge assessment tools.

We have a growing Resource Library that is full of valuable websites, access to current AANA journals, study guides, FREE personality quizzes, all the best apps and books that students recommend!

THE BEST WAY TO PREPARE FOR YOUR REAL CRNA INTERVIEW!! practice different interview styles, and receive feedback on your answers for improvement. CSPA gives you exclusive access to Program Faculty Richard Wilson, MNA, CRNA, and Assistant Program Director of over 11 years. He hosts group mock interview coaching sessions on how to interview successfully with opportunities to take a hot seat. 

Utilize a library of previous mock interviews and coaching sessions with feedback that will help you in your own interview.

This is one of the VERY BEST ways to ROCK your interview which is KEY for acceptance!!

You have questions and we have answers! This members-only, judgment-free space in which you can ask your questions and get unstuck in real-time. We have CRNA Program Faculty in this community to answer your questions in our private FB community & Forum.

Search previously asked questions and utilize the resource page where we will grow a library of FAQs. 

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to current Nurse Anesthesia Residents! Yes, talk to current students from various programs from across the country and hear firsthand how they are surviving CRNA school and what helped them along the way! (Yearly Live Q&A with current students from various programs). Connect with current students inside our FB community. 

Guided Q&A with Program Faculty Richard Wilson MSN, CRNA. Commonly asked about topics such as ICU experience, GPA, Transcripts, Resumes & Essays. We address these areas in detail and allow you to ask questions. 

Diversity & Inclusion Mentor Sessions. CSPA gathers CRNA’s & SRNA’s together to discuss how collectively we can support our unique qualities and foster kindness and understanding no matter your background or culture.

We want a safe place for you to come and share your experiences so we can all listen, learn and grow. This space is for support, love, and friendship. Everyone is welcomed with open arms. 

See what they're saying!

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Take a virtual tour inside the membership!

It doesn’t have to stay a dream. Becoming a CRNA can be your reality.

National Statistics:

CRNA overall average age
47.5 years

Average age at start of career
32.7 years

Average ICU experience
2.8 years

Average GPA

Imagine knowing you’ve got all the answers you need in one place.

Power through doubtfulness and anxiety with confidence and preparation.

Save yourself hours of frustration looking for the right advice, get proven guidance 

Fast track your success 

Overcome your fear and avoid overwhelm with clarity and support.

Eliminate confusion and stress with solutions.

Sidestep burnout with a community that will consistently help you press on.

" Thank you CSPA for the push to finally pursue CRNA School and ultimately gaining acceptance! I have worked as an ICU nurse more almost 8 years now and have always been interested in pursuing CRNA school. I never thoght I was good enough because I don't have perfect grades. CSPA really busted the myths surrounding what makes someone a great candidate and gave me the confidence to apply. Thank you again to Jenny, Richard, and the entire CSPA Team. Without you, I would not be where I am today. I am excited to see future post of others gaining acceptance and fulfilling ther dreams of becoming a CRNA.'
-Zoie B.
Receiving my acceptance letter into my top choice program has been a dream come true, but it did not come without its challenges. I found my GPA of a 3.28 to be my greatest weakness, coupled with the fact that I had less than 2 yrs of ICU experience. I let my GPA cast fear & doubt on my ability to get into a CRNA program. Instead of hiding behind my fears, I chose to work on becoming a stronger candidate. I retook a science course that I got a B- in. I took a grad-level advanced patho course, obtained my CCRN & my CMC, joined a unit council, and joined CRNA guided mentorship organizations. A huge shout out to the CRNA School Prep Academy and the role they played in my journey along with Richard Wilson who took the time to review my personal statement. It’s a great feeling knowing that my hard work has paid off!!
-Shylanda G.

This membership is perfect for you if:

  • You are 100% determined to become a CRNA.
  • You are ready  and able to invest in your future.
  • You desire to learn how to become a competitive candidate.
  • You are ready and willing to do the work.
  • You desire a focused community that can help you through every step along the way.
  • You value having a mentor to personally answer your questions and address your concerns.
  • Stand out among your peers as an applicant 
  • You are ready to land that interview, gain acceptance and flourish during your time as an SRNA.
  • You want insider clinical tips and academic pearls.
CRNA School Prep Academy is your clear road map, that meets you at your starting point.

Now, more than ever, you are needed as a CRNA.

Regardless of your previous beliefs about yourself, it is possible to:

+ become an expert in this field

+ become someone that others can rely on

+ have the knowledge and skill set to save lives

+ bring peace and comfort

+ be the advocate at the head of the bed

+ fulfill your dream of becoming a CRNA

By taking ACTION you are getting closer to your dream!

By becoming a member of CRNA School Prep Academy, you will build a strong connection to your drive and find a passionate approach to your career path that will be unrivaled by other candidates.

Let’s Recap! What do you get as a member of CRNA School Prep Academy?

By becoming a member of CRNA School Prep Academy, you will build a strong connection to your drive and find a passionate approach to your career path that will be unrivaled by other candidates.
  • Tailored Key Note Courses ($2,295 value)
  • Access to the private Community Social Wall & Forum ($830 value)
  • Expert contributions ($1,300 value)
  • Live Q&A’s ($2,000 value)
  • 13 Educational Workshops ($920 value)
  • CE credits towards your RN and CCRN license ($500 value)
  • Printable PDFs, cheat sheets, guides, and instructional guides to help you navigate your journey ($470 value)
  • Total Value = $8,315

This one-of-a-kind academy membership is valued at $108,815.00 per year!


So, why am I offering access to the academy at a much lower price?

As the questions rolled in about how I became a CRNA, a lightbulb went off in my head. I realized how many people were struggling with no support to make this dream a reality, and I was determined to help others realize their true potential.

While this career is financially rewarding in the long run, I know first hand how difficult it can be to manage finances while in school. I want to serve you along this journey by creating a comprehensive and truly affordable resource packed with value and support (without breaking the bank.)

“...When I stumbled around with my reasoning for why I wanted to do anesthesia, I was actually embarrassed that I didn’t have anything amazing prepared to say. Then you started to give me tips about how I should say something about a personal experience, and have the focus be on being one-on-one with my patient, and their best advocate. I utilized all those tips, and the interviewers were really impressed with what I had to say.”
-Sara E.

Membership options:

Toggle between monthly and yearly pricing below to find the best membership option for you!

If you are less than 100% satisfied get a no questions asked refund within the first 30 days!

if you are less than 100% satisfied get a no questons asked refund within the first 30 days!

Need more success stories? We got 'em!

click on the images below to expand and browse through feedback from some of our members

If you’re finally ready to...

be the most qualified candidate you can be

prepare for all aspects of becoming a CRNA, from start to finish

knock out those limiting beliefs

invest in yourself and your future


receive that piece of paper that reads, “Your Name, CRNA”


most frequently asked questions

Are you 100% committed to becoming a CRNA?

Are you ready and able to invest in your future?

Do you value and desire a community that can provide mentoring and professional development?

If you answered YES to ALL three then NOW is the right time to JOIN!

It does not matter so much about where exactly you are in your journey. You can be years away from applying or activity applying as you read this. You can be a senior nursing student or an ICU nurse of 8 years. I think the ideal time to join is at least 1-2 years prior to applying to school. This will allow you to take advantage of all the educational content and Q&A sessions.

Even after you gain acceptance CRNA School Prep Academy can offer monthly educational workshops, Q&A sessions, and financial planning workshops that will give you that head start you desire prior to starting your program.

-Personalized guidance: Not only can you review previously recorded Q&A’s, but we also do NEW sessions monthly. These Q&A’s will help you move forward and address issues that may otherwise hinder your progress. ALL Q&A sessions are with CRNA’s and/or CRNA Nurse Anesthesia Faculty. 

-Access to one-on-one services: The services inside the Academy include transcript reviews, mock interviews, essay and resume edits, tutoring, and one-on-one consultations. These do cost in addition to ALL memberships. 

-Education that will serve you ad an ICU nurse and as you transition into your role as a Nurse Anesthesia Student 

  1. Community, forum, mentors, support

  2. Quarterly financial guidance from a financial consultant 

  3. Discounts and early access to events

  4. Informational emails, reminders of events or unique offerings

  5. Latest resources

  6. Tailored Interview guidance for individual schools

  7. professional growth

If you do not know if CRNA is the right career path, we suggest job shadowing and utilizing our free resources like the Podcast and Facebook community until you know 100% CRNA is for you.

Are you teachable, adaptable, and open to trying new things? Some advice may not be what you want to hear and it may even be disappointing. We will always be truthful and try our best to set you on a path for success. Know that sometimes this may require additional courses, certifications or even changing the unit you work on. 

Are you ready for a financial investment: Becoming a community member is an investment towards your future. CRNA School Prep Academy has a team of SRNA’s, and CRNA’s who pour their time and resources into this community. We also have a dream team behind the scenes that keeps the website and the community happy and healthy. None of this would be possible without all these moving parts. We strive to provide value to both our students and all of the wonderful contributors. CSPA. This is a mentoring business, which allows us to grow our resources and provide our students with our time. If paying to be a part of a mentoring program does not sit well with you, we understand! Please utilize all the Free resources we provide including our Podcast and FREE Facebook community. Remember to go to your school’s Open House Events!!

If your undergraduate GPA was 3.0 or less, unless schools see clear evidence elsewhere of strong academic ability, you will probably not be offered an interview. You may be able to overshadow a GPA that is slightly below standard if you have accumulated other evidence of academic ability subsequent to your undergraduate work (such as through graduate work, repeating undergraduate sciences {if needed}, outstanding leadership roles, and by being very active within the community).

Unfortunately, it comes down to CRNA programs are very competitive. For every previously unfocused person, there are numerous more who were, and who shows up with a transcript attesting to strong academic ability. It is a definite advantage in the selection process. So, how can you escape the stigma of this GPA? The best way to do so would be to demonstrate your academic ability as it is now. 
A good place to start would be with anesthesia prerequisite courses if you have not taken them in your undergraduate education. The prerequisites usually consist of courses in statistics, chemistry, or possibly physics. These can be at the undergraduate level, but if you desire to demonstrate your academic ability, it may make more of an impression if you do any coursework at this point at the graduate level. If your prerequisites are completed already, then think about taking some graduate courses. I always advise that you reach out to your program for guidance on which courses would be the most beneficial based on your transcripts. This is also where CSPA services can come in. Program faculty Richard Wilson can review your Transcript and give you guidance. 

Performance in sciences such as pharmacology, pathophysiology, or chemistry is good ways to demonstrate your ability in technical graduate courses. You may also take some of the courses from the regular anesthesia curriculum, such as theory and research (if this is allowed, varies from program to program), without being admitted to the program. 
If you need to demonstrate your academic ability, consider the quality of the work you do at this point, as well. If you take nursing theory and achieve less than an A in the course, you may not be making the impression you need to. Likewise, if you challenge yourself to more rigorous coursework (such as advanced pathophysiology or pharmacology course), a good performance would speak towards your abilities.

The best place to start is a shadowing experience. I encourage you to do this multiple times and in various settings. Do not wait until you are thinking about applying to do this. Start when you are in a nursing program and ask for an OR experience. Then as a nurse’s aid call up the anesthesia department or walk over and ask to speak with someone about setting up a shadow day. Utilize this access additionally after you become a nurse. If you have 2-3 shadowing experiences under your belt and you feel that FIRE and PASSION to DO THIS. GO ALL IN! If you are thinking about changing your career to CRNA then defiantly shadow prior to making this large commitment. CRNA school is a 3-year full-time commitment which is also very costly. Make sure you see the job in action before you decide this is the right career path for you. Most competitive candidates have 40 plus hours shadowing a CRNA. This also sets you up to be able to get a reference from the CRNA you shadow. ** Remember to document your day regardless of the school requirement.**

CSPA can help SRNA’s prepare for the rigors of school. We do this through educational workshops, community support, and a pre-anesthesia curriculum (NAR Boot Camp).  The learning library is based on critical care knowledge, that will cross over into their time as SRNA. All material presented will be information you will learn again as a nurse anesthesia student. We also offer our exclusive Nurse Anesthesia Resident Boot Camp at a discount to our students. This 19 week course is designed to give you a head start on your CRNA School curriculum.  It is designed by CRNA program faculty and is being considered by several programs and integrated into their current curriculum. We are also launching our SRNA Clinical Mentoring in the Fall of 2022. 

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