Finally, the guidance and mentorship you need to navigate the road ahead...

Introducing CRNA School Prep Academy

A powerful community membership where you will find the answers you’re looking for, support through the wins and setbacks, and accredited guidance you need to tackle your dream of becoming a CRNA- all in one place.

Whether you are still in nursing school, working as an ICU Nurse, or accepted into your program, CRNA School Prep Academy will be the revolutionary resource that you need to help you navigate the challenges and prepare for your unique journey.

The path to becoming a CRNA is one filled with many questions, fears, and uncertainties.

You’re feeling overwhelmed, and rightfully so. 

Even though you have a burning desire to pursue this dream, you feel unsure about your capability to handle all the aspects of education and the profession.

you may be thinking...

I do not have what it takes to become a CRNA. 

I am not smart enough to do this. 

My GPA is too low.

I am too old to go back to school now.

I can’t become a CRNA and start a family.

I can’t afford not to work so that I can become a CRNA.

I got into school but I am fearful of the responsibility that lies ahead of me.

You’re in the right place if you find yourself wondering, “How am I supposed to do all of this?

There are no shortcuts, but we’ve got the next best thing.

CRNA School Prep Academy provides you with:

  • A certified mentor with experience to provide direction, guidance, and clarity for all stages of your journey
  • A community that supports its students through the difficult times and celebrates your wins in the way that only a person on the same path can understand
  • All of the resources, tools, and information you need to prepare you for your applications, interviews, and succeeding in school

I know first hand how challenging the road ahead can feel

Hi, I’m Jenny!

As a CRNA of 6 years with a wide variety of experience, I had to address and overcome the same challenges and fears that you have been or will be facing. Time and time again, I hear stories about excellent candidates losing hope and giving up. These students lack guidance and face burnout and overwhelm- with no one to turn to other than their peers who are experiencing the same things. 

Over the past year, I have been fortunate enough to combine my passion and expertise for anesthesia and love of helping others into a comprehensive, ongoing supportive academy. CRNA Prep School Academy is specifically designed with you and your journey in mind.

This academy was created to help aspiring students navigate the challenges around becoming a highly qualified candidate. Inside the academy, you will gain clarity on the application process, the interview process, as well as mentoring and clinical guidance for SRNA’s.

CRNA School Prep Academy is the self-paced membership that will give you the edge above the rest- from the moment you decide your career path, all the way through to that glorious finish line.

CRNA School Prep Academy is your clear road map, no matter where your starting point.

Plan for the Road ahead

  • Set the trajectory for your BSN degree and experience to best serve your goal
  • Receive guidance and mentorship on the topics in which you feel stuck (taking the GRE, CCRN, Job Shadowing, Grades, Financial planning, ICU experience)
  • Learn important behavioral skills that will help propel you towards success
  • Find your WHY. This ONE powerful reason will be what keeps you motivated to accomplish your goal of becoming a CRNA
  • Tailored courses designed to help you BOOST YOUR APPLICATION
  • ICU interview tips
  • Road map that helps you design and plan for your future career as a CRNA

prepare for your interview

  • Narrow down your schools to find the best fit for you and your future
  • An insider look at what to expect during your interview
  • Resources designed to teach you how to stand out on your application, prepare for, and rock that interview (As well as common questions you should be prepared to answer)
  • Mock interview library, in which you can review real mock interviews, the feedback will help you when the time comes for your big day 
  • Resume building course along with opportunities for essay and resume critiques
  • Monthly educational workshops that qualify for CERPS for CCRN renewal!! Certificate will be provided!!

navigate SRNA education

  • Receive mentoring and clinical guidance from CRNA’s who have a wide variety of clinical practice and education.
  • Tailored courses designed to aid in both clinical and academic development
  • Get tried and true study tips to help you succeed
  • Opportunities for academic tutoring coming soon
  • A community forum which is a safe place to ask questions and gather clinical resources from classmates and upperclassmen
  • Access to a growing care plan library
  • A resource page with up-to-date sources that can help you in your studies

What’s inside the membership?

video instruction

From financial preparation for school, to job shadowing and ICU experience, to pathophysiology and pharmacology, we have a number of courses inside the membership to fit your needs, no matter where you are in your journey.

Access to a virtual shadowing experience with a signed shadow form for you to submit. If your school requires a specific form please send via e-mail.

We offer monthly workshops, which qualify for CERP’s which counts toward renewal of your CCRN. Certificate will be provided! To learn what counts towards CERP’s, GO HERE.

This also means you may have options for employer reimbursement!

community forum

You’ll get access to a members only community of like-minded, success driven individuals who will support you, answer your questions, and provide feedback.

The forum covers a wide variety of common questions such as: interviews, DNP project ideas, GRE, CCRN, GPA, graduate courses, resume and essay tips. The forum is organized so that you can easily find answers to your questions!

You will also have access to reach out to Jenny privately to get your concerns or questions answered. 

expert contribution

Watch exclusive interviews with successful CRNAs and SRNAs who have valuable strategies and success stories to share with our members that put you ahead of the curve.

INTRODUCING Richard Wilson, MNA, CRNA! Richard has recently joined as an expert contributor and will be hosting live workshops, Q&A’s and courses inside CRNA School Prep Academy!

That is not all! Richard has over 10 years of faculty experience at a Nurse Anesthesia Program and 14 years of clinical experience as a CRNA. He brings with him tremendous value and a genuine desire to help you succeed!

Need financial advice? No Problem! Get access to quarterly webinars on how to pay for graduate school and how to pay back your student loans by expert Natalie Kratzer with Thrivent Financial

PDF and Excel Resources

Lifetime access to all downloadable resources, checklists, resume templates, example essays,  lecture notes, interview questions, basic knowledge assessment tools and a school data sheet with interview styles and program stats to give you the edge against the competition.

We have a growing Resource Library which is full of valuable websites, access to current AANA journals, study guides, FREE personality quizzes, all the best apps and books that students recommend!

Mock Interviews

THE BEST WAY TO PREPARE FOR YOUR REAL CRNA INTERVIEW!! practice different interview styles, and receive feedback on your answers for improvement. Utilize a library of previous mock interviews with feedback that will help you in your own interview. (this is done by current SRNA’s, additional cost applies)

This is one of the VERY BEST ways to ROCK your interview which is KEY for acceptance!!

The interview matters MORE than anything on your application!!!

Monthly Live Q&A's

Members-only, judgement-free space in which you can ask your questions and get unstuck in real time. Previous  Q&A sessions will be recorded and stored inside for you to review at your own convenience. 

You have opportunities to submit your questions ahead of time if you know you cannot make the live Q&A.

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO CURRENT SRNA PANEL Q&A’S! Yes, talk to current students from various programs from across the country and hear firsthand how they are surviving CRNA school and what helped them along the way!

Exclusive Access To Expert Services!

These Services Are In Addition To The Membership Fee

These Services Are Done By Current Nurse Anesthesia Residents & Program Faculty.

It doesn’t have to stay a dream. Becoming a CRNA can be your reality.

National Statistics:

CRNA overall average age
47.5 years

Average age at start of career
32.7 years

Average ICU experience
2.8 years

Average GPA

Imagine knowing you’ve got all the answers you need in one place.

Avoid frustration and overwhelm with clarity and support.

Power through doubtfulness and anxiety with confidence and preparation.

Overcome confusion and stress with solutions.

Sidestep burnout with a community that will consistently help you press on.

“It’s so different talking questions over with family because they haven’t ever actually been in our shoes. Working closely with a CRNA who has been through an interview before was invaluable. I was given feedback on my answers based on what a committee may be looking for.”
-Sara C.
“By having the opportunity to sit down face-to-face (via FaceTime), it helped me to work through some of the interview anxiety, and gain confidence in my abilities. Jenny was very helpful to ask a variety of questions on both clinical and personal topics. The feedback she gave post-interview, helped me to sort out what responses needed some more thought and which areas I answered strongly in. This helped me to determine where my focus should be shifted in order to be as prepared as possible.”
-Vanessa C.

This membership is perfect for you if:

  • You are 100% determined to become a CRNA.
  • You desire to learn how to become a highly qualified candidate.
  • You are ready and willing to do the work.
  • You desire a focused community that can help you through every step along the way.
  • You value having a mentor to personally answer your questions and address your concerns.
  • You want insider clinical tips and academic pearls.
  • You are ready to land that interview, gain acceptance and flourish during your time as a SRNA.

Now, more than ever, you are needed as a CRNA.

Regardless of your previous beliefs about yourself, it is possible to:

Become an expert in this field

Become someone that others can rely on

Have the knowledge and skill set to save lives

Bring peace and comfort

Be the advocate at the head of the bed

Become the version of yourself you always knew you could be​

By becoming a member of CRNA School Prep Academy, you will build a strong connection to your drive and find a passionate approach to your career path that will be unrivaled by other candidates.

Let’s Recap! What do you get as a member of CRNA School Prep Academy?

  • Tailored Key Note Courses ($1,295 value)
  • Access to the Community Forum ($630 value)
  • Expert contributions ($300 value)
  • Monthly Live Q&A ($175 value)
  • Monthly Educational Workshops ($450 value)
  • Access to exclusive, members-only services at a discounted rate; resume, essay, transcript reviews, mock interviews, and one-on-one consultations (>$500 in savings when compared to similar professional services)
  • Printable PDFs, cheatsheets, guides, and instructional guides to help you navigate your journey ($270 value)

This one-of-a-kind academy membership is valued at $2,990 monthly.

So, why am I offering access to the academy at a much lower price?

As the questions rolled in about how I became a CRNA, a lightbulb went off in my head. I realized how many people were struggling with no support to make this dream a reality, and I was determined to help others realize their true potential.

While this career is financially rewarding in the long run, I know first hand how difficult it can be to manage finances while in school. I want to serve you along this journey by creating a comprehensive and truly affordable resource packed with value and support (without breaking the bank.)

“...When I stumbled around with my reasoning for why I wanted to do anesthesia, I was actually embarrassed that I didn’t have anything amazing prepared to say. Then you started to give me tips about how I should say something about a personal experience, and have the focus be on being one-on-one with my patient, and their best advocate. I utilized all those tips, and the interviewers were really impressed with what I had to say.”
-Sara E.

Membership options:


$ 39
  • Reoccurring monthly payment - cancel anytime
  • Monthly topics for video instruction
  • Access to the Community Forum
  • Mock Interview Opportunities (additional cost)
  • Monthly Live Q&A
  • Access to exclusive, members-only CRNA & SRNA interviews
  • Printable PDFs, cheatsheets, guides, and instructionals to help you navigate your journey
  • 20% discount on a CRNA School Prep Academy T-shirt
  • Access to Member Only Events


$ 325 PER YEAR
  • BEST VALUE: Save $154.88 when you choose the annual payment option! Plus a FREE T-shirt valued at $23.95 (total savings of 178.83)
  • Monthly topics for video instruction
  • Access to the Community Forum
  • Mock Interview Opportunities (additional cost)
  • Monthly Live Q&A
  • Access to exclusive, members-only CRNA & SRNA interviews
  • Printable PDFs, cheatsheets, guides, and instructionals to help you navigate your journey
  • FREE CRNA School Prep Academy T-Shirt with Future CRNA on the back
  • Access to Member Only Events.
  • Yearly students will have access additional events throughout the year!


$ 104
  • GOOD VALUE: Save $60 when you choose the annual payment option!
  • Monthly topics for video instruction
  • Access to the Community Forum
  • Mock Interview Opportunities (additional cost)
  • Monthly Live Q&A
  • Access to exclusive, members-only CRNA & SRNA interviews
  • Printable PDFs, cheatsheets, guides, and instructionals to help you navigate your journey
  • 30% discount on a CRNA School Prep Academy T-shirt
  • Access to Member Only Events

If you’re finally ready to...

be the most qualified candidate you can be

prepare for all aspects of becoming a CRNA, from start to finish

knock out those limiting beliefs

invest in yourself and your future


receive that piece of paper that reads, “Your Name, CRNA”


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