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Episode 27: How & When To Reach Out To Your Future CRNA Program With Expert Guest Richard Wilson MNA, CRNA

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Reaching out to your future CRNA program can be hugely beneficial for helping you to stand out against the crowd of applicants- getting you into school sooner and fast-tracking your success!

Today we are joined by Expert Guest Richard Wilson MNA, CRNA. He answers your burning questions and details how applicants should go about reaching out to your CRNA programs (without feeling like you’re being a nuisance)!

In this episode, Richard brings his 11 years of experience to the table and lays out-

  • The best times to reach out to your program to ensure your success

  • How reaching out to your program at the right frequency demonstrates persistence and dedication

  • Who to reach out to (and what professional information you should have ready for your conversation)

  • The vital importance of looking at the program’s website (and researching key people ahead of time!)

  • Best practices for utilizing open houses and networking to your advantage

  • The best questions to ask and which ones to avoid

  • How to best follow up after a conversation with a program faculty member

Happy listening, and go send that email, future CRNA!

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