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Am I too OLD to go back for CRNA? It’s a very common question asked inside our communities, and the decision can feel really overwhelming. The good news is, whether you’re looking at a career change, or just getting a later start, CRNA is a total possibility for you!

In today’s episode, we’re busting through the most common fears in regard to age when applying to school, including:

  • A realistic look at your financial situation (and how much CRNAs can potentially earn)

  • How to navigate retaking courses if you’ve been out of the academic game for a while

  • How to make your extensive ICU experience work FOR you as you become an SRNA

  • The role that your mindset plays in your success and overcoming your unique challenges

  • How going back to school later can actually be highly beneficial

If CRNA is your dream, then it’s time to follow your heart! It’s never too late to make a step toward a career that you love. We’ve got your back, future CRNA!

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