Pregnancy can be an anxious time in a woman’s life and requires special consideration as an anesthesia provider. Protocol for anesthesia during these special cases requires effective communication, adequate preparation, and an understanding of your patient’s unique physiology during this time. 

Today, we’re discussing the ins and outs of what you need to know as an anesthesia provider to make sure that you’re providing safe care to your pregnant patients. 

In this episode, we cover-

  • Why general anesthesia is the “back up” method for pregnant patients vs. regional anesthesia 

  • Key reasons that your focus should be on the mother and her safety and care during your case

  • The power of reassuring and emotionally supporting your pregnant patients 

  • Common issues to look out for as your ensuring patient comfort

  • Weight gain during pregnancy and possible barriers to anesthesia 

  • The importance of communicating with OB ahead of time to prepare adequately for cases with pregnant patients 

  • Cardiovascular, pH, swelling, and respiratory changes (and more!) during pregnancy that factor into providing anesthesia 

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