Regional anesthesia can be an overwhelming area to tackle as an SRNA. While it may be intimidating, there are resources available for you to prepare and actively participate in your regional rotations with confidence!

Today, we’re speaking with Scott Urigel, Founder of Block Buddy Pro, who is sharing his vast knowledge and expertise in the arena of regional anesthesia. In this episode, we’ll do a deep dive into- 

  • The number one barrier that SRNAs face when learning and navigating regional anesthesia

  • The key practices you need to be implementing to prepare for your regional rotations 

  • The importance of preparation and active participation in your rotation (and keeping sharp on your hands-on practice!)

  • Key components to cultivate proficiency with an ultrasound scan machine

  • The ins and outs of using a nerve stimulator and avoiding nerve injury 

  • The importance of documentation while doing nerve blocks

  • How Block Buddy can be beneficial to you throughout your regional rotation (+ discounts that are available for SRNAs!)

Pop in your headphones, and happy listening, future CRNA! 

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