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You’ve been accepted to anesthesia school… now what?! After all that hard work, it can feel a little disconcerting for most future CRNAs to have seemingly NOTHING to do until you start school. Today, we are exploring a few key things you should be doing to make your time between acceptance and your start date as productive and forward-focused as possible!  

In this episode, we dive into- 

  • Taking in a big broad view of your finances and understanding the loan process 

  • The importance of considering your living situation and transportation 

  • The key to getting your support system prepared for what lies ahead

  • Essential action steps for creating a wellness and stress management plan 

  • Connecting with future classmates and investing in your community emotionally 

  • How to relax and take a break before you start your program

  • Building your knowledge base in a way that will serve you as you begin school

Congratulations, future CRNA- YOU DID IT! You’ve got this, and we’ve got you! 

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4 Responses

  1. I listened to this podcast last week, while anticipating and hoping that I get an acceptance email soon. Well that day came yesterday evening and I am so excited!!! Of course my next thought was, “Now what?.” I listened to this podcast once again because it really applied to my current situation. Jenny, thank you for the pearls of wisdom included in this podcast as well as others! They have and will be applied to my journey! THANK YOU CSPA TEAM!!! 😁😁😁

    1. CONGRATULATIONS, FUTURE CRNA!!! You’re amazing! The CSPA team thanks YOU for letting us ride along on your journey!

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