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A common misconception among nursing students who are pursuing the CRNA career path is- Do I have to start in Med Surg before going into the ICU? As you’re planning your path to CRNA, it’s critical to gather experience that will actually serve you in school and in the field! 

Today, we are diving into WHY you are better set up for success by going directly into the ICU, and the disadvantages to taking the Med Surg detour. In this episode, we cover- 

  • The biggest differences between Med Surg and the ICU (+ what you miss out on in Med Surg)

  • Working in a step-down unit until an ICU position opens up 

  • Why you NEED to be working as a nurse’s aide prior to graduation (+ getting your foot in the door and becoming indispensable!) 

  • Key factors to consider when choosing an ICU position 

  • Patient ratios you can expect to see in various positions 

  • How patient care in the ICU better prepares you for CRNA school and well into your career 

So pop in some headphones and get ready to rock it out, future CRNA! Happy ICUing! 

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