Are you mentally prepared for CRNA School? If you answered yes, no or not sure then tune in to this episode with guest, fellow CRNA Jon Lowrance to find out how well-prepared you think you are!

We’ll talk about how important it is to have a GROWTH MINDSET as a CRNA and more! Also, don’t forget the freebies we have for you this week and check out the links below.

03:15 – Why growth mindset plays an important role nowadays for future CRNAs

06:55 – Growth mindset is a powerful tool for those who are starting to embark on their CRNA journey (especially when dealing with rejections)

11:44 – Fixed mindset versus Growth mindset and how these mindsets influences your view on challenges or setbacks

21:28 – Shifting your focus more on the EFFORT made is the path forward (whether you’re good or not) in gaining acceptance to CRNA school

25:49 – Being a CRNA is continuous learning. Passing the boards is NOT the finish line so give yourself some time and remember your WHY to KEEP GOING!

29:15 – You can grow the skills to be a successful CRNA (intelligence is NOT a fixed trait). The key is to start with a good foundation and do not neglect SELF-CARE!

35:03 – Growth mindset allows you to love what you’re doing in the face of difficulties as a CRNA and value the journey ahead

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