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All SRNAs will experience burnout at various points throughout their CRNA school journey. Whether you’re currently in the thick of it or are hearing horror stories before you’ve even begun, there is hope!

I’m breaking down the process behind pushing past the burnout and continuing to move to that bright, shiny light at the end of the tunnel.

In today’s episode, we’ll lay out:

  • How to establish a dynamite support system ahead of time

  • How to openly communicate with others in your support system to let them know when you’re struggling

  • Addressing the real reasons you’re feeling burned out

  • Cultivating your healthy coping mechanism toolbox

  • Delegating tasks to give yourself more space as you navigate school

  • Creating systems to prevent further burnout

  • How to give yourself permission to still enjoy your life through CRNA school

Don’t doubt yourself, future CRNA! You’re never alone, and you’ve got this!

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