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Ever wish you had a CRNA mentor who is plugged into the community, who has helped hundreds of students find success in just the past year? That's exactly what you'll get when you tune into CRNA School Prep Academy Podcast with your host, CRNA of 6 years, and student mentor, Jenny Finnell. Her specialty? Listing to her students and creating actionable step-by-step guidance designed to get you into your top CRNA program. Whether you're a nursing student who is exploring the possibility, an ICU nurse actively pursuing CRNA, or a burnt-out SRNA, each episode is designed to help you take immediate action on the most important strategies for planning, implementation, and achieving your dream of becoming a CRNA.

Episode 41: Growth Mindset & Why This Single Thing Can Allow Your CRNA Journey To Be Easier

Ever hear horror stories about how anesthesia school will drain you beyond belief? Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case. Whether you’re preparing for school, or are in the thick of it, turning inward can help you navigate the challenges ahead.

Learning to care for your mental health by adopting a growth mindset provides you with the grit, determination, and resilience you need to succeed through school and beyond!

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Episode 40: Regional Anesthesia with Scott Urigel Founder of Block Buddy Pro

Regional anesthesia can be an overwhelming area to tackle as an SRNA. While it may be intimidating, there are resources available for you to prepare and actively participate in your regional rotations with confidence!

Today, we’re speaking with Scott Urigel, Founder of Block Buddy Pro, who is sharing his vast knowledge and expertise in the arena of regional anesthesia.

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Episode 37: Physiology of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an anxious time in a woman’s life and requires special consideration as an anesthesia provider. Protocol for anesthesia during these special cases requires effective communication, adequate preparation, and an understanding of your patient’s unique physiology during this time.

Today, we’re discussing the ins and outs of what you need to know as an anesthesia provider to make sure that you’re providing safe care to your pregnant patients.

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Episode 36: Advocacy as a SRNA & Involvement in the AANA With Guest Jeff Molter

Curious about the AANA and state level associations? There are numerous benefits to becoming a member. However, becoming an active participant inside these communities provides you with immeasurable professional, personal, and educational growth.

Today, we’re joined by Jeff Molter to discuss how participating in these communities helps you to make an incredible impact in your profession that will echo through the generations to come.

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check out the latest posts over on the blog

check out the latest posts over on the blog

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