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Hear What Our Students Have to Say

Melissa Lee
Melissa L.

Sending huge hugs of thanks to CRNA School Prep Academy for the amazing resources I’ve utilized over the past year. I DID IT!! I gained acceptance and truly can’t believe I will fulfill my dreams of becoming a CRNA.

Thank you to Jenny Finnell, Richard Wilson, and all the CSPA expert contributors who helped me navigate this process. I am so grateful for this group. I utilized the pharm lectures, 5-day interview prep, and many live events too.

My best advice is to put in the work and keep your eye on the prize! There will be road blocks and bumps, but you can get through them if you stay persistent.

Jayjoel Fernandez photo
Jayjoel F.

Been following CSPA for a couple of years now and I got into my top program – the US Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing (USAGPAN) on my first attempt applying to school!

Experience: 1 year of Pediatric Heme/Onc followed by 3.5 years of PICU nursing, high acuity level 2 trauma center 42 beds taking care of mixed pathology from medical to surgical to Neuro trauma to post open heart surgery/ECMO etc… BS Biology 3.83 (2015) BS Nursing 3.45 (2019) GRE 301, writing 4 CCRN Score 100 Attended CANA conference 2022 (California) Preceptor Multiple committees – committee chair for one CRRT trained Code Team trained Chemotherapy/Biotherapy certification 45 Shadowing hours One published article in European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and 3 symposium poster presentations – from BS Biology undergraduate research in organic chemistry lab.

Huge shoutout to all the resources the Academy has to offer such as interview/resume prep and association with TeachRN. So excited to start June 2024!


Proud to say I got into CRNA school! I’ve been following CSPA since it started, so to say these resources were instrumental is an understatement— I do not think I’d be here without CRNA School Prep Academy, much less going to an Ivy League school!

I had a very low GPA from my first college so I knew I had an uphill battle. I did fantastic in nursing school and took graduate and additional science classes to help show that I was no longer that 16-year-old in college! I’ve only worked in very high acuity/top-ranked institutions (1.5 years as staff then the past year as a traveler), and always sought out leadership roles even in traveling (precepting, responding code team, etc).

Pinching myself to know it’s real. I not only get to go to CRNA school but also to my dream school! Don’t give up!

Manisha McFadden
Manisha M.

After 2 years of applying, I am proud to say that I have finally been accepted into CRNA school! I was definitely not a perfect candidate- I was waitlisted at two programs and officially came off the waitlist! Thank you CRNA School Prep Academy for everything!

Here are my stats:

  • GPA: 3.45
  • Science GPA: 3.9
  • Certifications: CCRN, CMC, CSC
  • ICU experience: 3 years of CVICU at Level 1/2 (ECMO, IABP, CRRT, IMPELLA, fresh hearts)
  • Charge nurse and preceptor

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  • Pressure inside the bubble remains constant regardless of size changes.

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Community Support
This exclusive community brings together driven individuals focused on success in the CRNA field, offering a platform for support, question-answering, and feedback. It features an organized forum covering a wide range of topics, information on CRNA schools by state, and access to a team of experts, ensuring members receive comprehensive guidance, support, and knowledge to stand out in a competitive application cycle.
Expert Contributions
The only mentorship program that offers weekly mentorship sessions, monthly live workshops and educational courses led by experienced CRNA faculty. Additionally, we provide comprehensive quarterly financial planning webinars with personalized feedback from a certified financial advisor. Our program enriches your CRNA journey with group mock interviews, pharmacology workshops, and critical care education, ensuring you receive unparalleled support and expertise to excel in this competitive career path.
Group Coaching
Our exclusive community not only provides intensive interview preparation for CRNA candidates but also includes courses on emotional intelligence, essential for professional development. We offer live group mock interviews by seasoned CRNA Faculty, with constructive feedback to foster improvement. Additionally, members benefit from our extensive educational library, which archives previous group coaching sessions and educational workshops. This resource offers invaluable insights and tailored feedback, empowering candidates to excel in their interviews and thrive as a Nurse Anesthesia Resident.
PDF & AI Powered Resources
Time is valuable, and CSPA understands your need to meet rigorous requirements efficiently. That’s why we offer AI-powered resources. Our AI Assistant, Ollie, trained on hundreds of hours of CSPA content, helps you find answers quickly, provides tailored application feedback, and serves as a CCRN study buddy. You’ll have lifetime access to downloadable checklists, resume templates, example essays, lecture notes, interview questions, and knowledge assessment tools. Our Resource Library also includes valuable websites, current AANA journals, study guides, personality quizzes, and recommendations for top apps and books, enhancing your learning experience.
Video Instructions
On-demand video instruction allows you to access content anytime and anywhere, seamlessly integrating education into your preparation and lifestyle. Additionally, the flexibility to pause, rewind, and re-watch segments, coupled with supplementary materials like quizzes and interactive exercises, ensures a tailored and enhanced learning experience.
In this members-only community, you can ask questions and receive real-time answers in a judgment-free environment, with access to CRNA Program Faculty and a growing library of FAQs. Additionally, the platform offers exclusive interaction with current Nurse Anesthesia Residents and guided Q&A sessions with experienced faculty on key topics, fostering a supportive and inclusive space for learning and growth.
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