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In this premier episode, CRNA and host Jenny Finnell explains her mission of helping aspiring CRNAs and SRNA like you find the real support, reliable guidance, and answers that you’re looking for along this journey!

She gives a sneak peak of the challenges and limiting beliefs she’s had to overcome in order to become successful, and provides insight on: 

  • Debunking common myths around what kind of person can actually be successful along this career path (Spoiler alert: You can do this with a less than stellar GPA, kids, or without the best ICU experience!) 
  • The importance of researching your program and making connections yourself
  • What surprising factors actually play into your acceptance into school 
  • The importance of nailing your interview 
  • Ditching limiting beliefs about yourself and growing your positive support system
  • Why you absolutely CAN do this if you’ve got grit and perseverance

Having mentored hundreds of SRNAs throughout her 6-year career as a CRNA, Jenny is excited to share the knowledge that she has learned with you, future CRNA! 

Cheers to your journey! 

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