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Want to go back for CRNA, but feel like everywhere you look there’s a roadblock? If overcoming your specific set of obstacles to get to CRNA feels impossible, be sure to press play on this episode!

In today’s episode, Eslyn shares how she got accepted to CRNA school later in life, despite the challenges thrown in her path. Her incredible success story will inspire you as she dives into-

  • Why she ultimately decided to go back for CRNA later in life

  • How she used her setbacks and obstacles to fuel her success (and what she learned from interviewing at the same school FOUR times!)

  • The keys to creating a support system that propels you forward + Tips for branching out and expanding your network

  • The importance of utilizing mentorship opportunities and strengthening your weaknesses as you go

  • How she’s preparing financially and mentally before she begins her program

Eslyn’s story highlights how her mindset put her head and shoulders above the rest, demonstrating the grit and determination to make her dream a reality. The same is possible for you, future CRNA! 

Happy listening! 

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