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What am I supposed to do with myself during the maintenance phase of an anesthesia case? Unfortunately, it’s not break time! While it can be a bit of a juggling game, we’ve got the details for you! 

Today, we’re discussing how to prepare for, maintain, and efficiently move through the maintenance phase of anesthesia. In this episode, we cover: 

  • Factors to consider when positioning the patient before they are asleep 

  • Key aspects to monitor for optimal patient comfort and safety during this phase 

  • How to build trust with your surgical team and communicate effectively

  • Managing vitals while monitoring patient comfort 

  • The best time to begin and update your charting (+ some tips for paper charting)

  • When (and how) to prepare for your next cases during any downtime in the maintenance phase 

  • Crafting your game plan for wakeup (+ troubleshooting possible problems ahead of time) 

Happy maintaining, and cheers, future CRNA! 

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