Ever wish you could wave a magic wand, and you’d be granted access to a community that could answer all your burning questions about becoming a CRNA? Consider this your lucky day! 

CRNA School Prep Academy is such a magical place, and we’re diving into how we can help you along your specific journey… starting today! 

In today’s episode, we’re covering- 

  • How CRNA School Prep Academy is built to serve you with answers and education you’re looking for, no matter where you are along your path

  • Why the Academy is growing so rapidly (and why you should hop on board ASAP!)

  • Who CSPA is for, and how to know you’re ready to sign up

  • What resources to utilize if you’re not quite sure CRNA is for you yet

  • A sneak peak at the INCREDIBLE volume of invaluable resources at your fingertips the moment you become a member

  • Determining the most cost-effective mentorship option for you

No need to navigate this intimidating path alone, future CRNA! Come hang out with the cool kids- we’ve got your back! 


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2 Responses

  1. Signed up for an annual membership 3 days ago and just got my ticket for the Fall 21 Conference! I have to work Saturday but I’ll be there Live Sunday Morning! I’m so thankful I found this organization! I hope to apply to 2 or 3 schools with MUSC Charleston, SC as my 1st pick (based on what I know so far). Also, I already booked a financial planning consult with Natalie! We meet next week!

    1. We hope you enjoyed the Fall 2021 Conference! So much information packed into one weekend! And so, so glad to have you as a valued member inside CRNA School Prep Academy and see you taking advantage of the connections like Natalie! Cheers to your future!

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