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Great job – you’ve made it through induction and maintenance of anesthesia for your patient! As you move into the emergence stage and prepare for wake up, there are many factors of which you need to be aware to ensure patient safety and comfort.

Today, we’re covering how to plan for landing the proverbial plane, and successfully moving your patient to recovery. In this episode, we cover-

  • Assessing your specific case as you move through wake up (including respiratory rate, blood pressure, patient history, etc.)

  • The three key factors that may prove problematic during emergence (+ how to handle them!)

  • Indicators that signal that the patient is moving into stage 2

  • How to handle a laryngospasm (+ other potential situations in which you need to respond quickly)

  • Tips for pain management as you move toward recovery

  • The importance of making sure your patient is in the right, stable condition (with a solid and relevant report) to go to the PACU

Happy emerging! You’ve got this, future CRNA!

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