You asked for it, and we are delivering today by sharing some of our most effective study tips as you navigate anesthesia school! The sheer volume of information can feel overwhelming, but creating an effective study practice personalized to you will serve not only through test time, but well into your CRNA career!

Today, we are highlighting the reasons why HOW you study is equally as important as WHAT you study when it comes to being successful! Tune in for this episode as we dive into-

  • The critical difference between memorization and true compounded understanding

  • The cumulative power of combining learning styles 

  • How assessing and quizzing yourself along the way sets you up for confidence 

  • Why self-care is essential for knowledge retention as you move through school

  • How to integrate new information with emotional experiences to create impactful long-term memory connections 

  • The importance of acquiring unique perspectives on one single topic 

  • Best practices to help you navigate test anxiety and give yourself the highest chances for success

Happy studying, future CRNA! You’ve got this! 

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