Episode 53

Episode 53: Why Being A Good Nurse Does Not Necessarily Equal Being A Good SRNA

Feb 23, 2022

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Episode Description

Being a good nurse is a huge contributor to your success in clinical as an SRNA. However, it isn’t the only factor that will take you to the top. From program admission to your actual CRNA career, there are a few critical traits you need to begin cultivating as early as possible in your nursing career.

Today, we are joined by Dr. Richard Wilson MNA, CRNA to lay out the action steps you can start taking today to set yourself up for success as an SRNA. In this episode, we cover-

  • The key personality traits that mark a successful SRNA

  • What “good work ethic” actually looks like as you navigate your journey

  • Why programs look at your emotional intelligence in balance with your clinical knowledge

  • The importance of understanding how to actually be a team player

  • Building your confidence and becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable

  • The key reasons you need to be teachable and open-minded along this path

We know you’re a great nurse, and you have the potential to reach the highest heights along this journey. Cheers to your success, future CRNA! You’ve got this, and we’ve got you!

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