Episode 67

Episode 67: Getting into CRNA School with a Pass | Fail Nursing Degree with SRNA Sabrina

Jun 1, 2022

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Is your Pass/Fail nursing degree history making you hesitant about pursuing CRNA school? That makes sense given how competitive the program is, but it’s not as unlikely as you might think! Listen as Sabrina tells us how she managed to get into CRNA school despite having a NOT so competitive degree. Yes, it was a tough journey, but Sabrina proved to us that it can be done and so can you!

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01:51 – A short intro on Sabrina’s journey to getting acceptance to CRNA school

05:30 – The fear of getting an immediate denial when applying to CRNA schools with a pass/fail program background

08:21 – Why it’s really important to know what your actual GPA is PRIOR to applying to CRNA school

14:34 – What are the things that could REALLY help you gain an interview in your dream CRNA program (Attending Open Houses, Personal Statement, etc.)

22:59 – Prepare by doing mock interviews and gain more confidence before your actual CRNA program interview!

25:46 – Answering GRE questions (understanding the strategy behind the exam!)

30:15 – Other factors that contributed to gaining acceptance in CRNA school and adding a positive spin to a Pass/Fail program!

36:24 – More tips for those who have a Pass/Fail history who wishes to pursue CRNA

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