Not so sure what questions you should be asking after your panel interview? It is essential to ask the RIGHT questions to leave a good LAST impression.

Today’s episode will tell you more about which questions you should and should NOT ask during your CRNA program interview. And why it is important to have these questions prepared beforehand.

Let’s dive in!

02:44 – Preparing at least one or two questions for the interview panel is important

04:26 – Why asking about the turnover rate for faculty could be an interesting question 

06:39 – Ask questions that would let them give their personal opinion about their CRNA program

07:39 – How you could creatively ask about the attrition rate in their CRNA program and the reasons behind it 

10:20 – Ask about how their CRNA program promotes wellness for their students and residents

12:12 – Check if they are lecturing about emotional intelligence with their current students

13:22 – Know if their CRNA program provides workshops or sessions for the incoming cohort

Cheers to your success, future CRNA! We’re rooting for you!

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